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  • PHousing & Homelessness
Chattanooga Community Kitchen - In Kind Donation Receipt Layout by Ok Omni

What did Chattanooga Community Kitchen need?

Ok Omni helped Chattanooga Community Kitchen create customized visual design elements that complement written copy for printed communications and marketing materials.

Why is this project important?

They receive many in-kind donations from people across the city, and would love to be able to connect with them through email for further engagement and thank yous!

How Ok Omni Helped

Graphic Design

We helped Chattanooga Community Kitchen develop an in kind donation receipt to send to their donors. We took their content and formatted it using their existing brand guide to create a visually and print friendly in kind donation receipt.

In addition to their in kind donation form, we vectorized their logo to be used in their brand guide moving forward.


  • Experience making flyers, brochures and other professional documents.
  • Skills with photoshop, illustrator, and other graphic design software
  • Having a solid understanding of design best practices and deploying our less is more approach through our designs

Mission Statement:

The Chattanooga Community Kitchen opened as a feeding program in 1982 when seven downtown churches partnered together in an effort to better meet the needs of Chattanooga’s growing homeless population. Since then, we have expanded to cover a city block, providing food and supportive services to the homeless and needy of Chattanooga seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our mission is to meet the most basic needs of hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in our community while offering a clear path to self-sufficiency. 

We will do what we can to help meet your needs, to enable you, the man, woman, or child experiencing homelessness, to succeed. Through all of the services we offer, we seek to satisfy the spiritual and physical hunger of those we serve. There are no fees or requirements for receiving our services. Instead, we provide them out of compassion and love for mankind as we strive to fill gaps in the lives of men, women and children.

Find out more about our history here.

What did they have to say?

Looks fantastic! Thank you so much. This is perfect for us.

About Chattanooga Community Kitchen

We are a local nonprofit in the truest sense of the word–almost all of our funding comes from nearby individuals and organizations. We don’t have an offsite headquarters or a national board. We only enact programs that have the support of our donors

Did You Know?

The mission of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen is to meet the most basic needs of hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in our community while offering a clear path to self-sufficiency.

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