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How Ok Omni Helped

Website Design

We helped eVRest built a website around their brands message. We developed a few designs and pushed forward with a more modern, single page design that is sophisticated and inviting.

The website is fully responsive and custom built. We were very happy to work with the eVRest team to deploy this beautiful design.


Mission Statement:

eVRest A/S is a whole new immersive tourist platform in VR. We connect some of the best restaurants, attractions and experiences to hotel rooms, allowing you to experience the story of every place. Experience a new kind of virtual storytelling where restaurants and experiences share what makes them special and unique. Our product gives you the possibility to understand how & why these handpicked places are so popular. Imagine coming to a new city and becoming familiar with all the hidden gems. eVRest installs Virtual Reality directly into hotel rooms offering a breathtaking experience for all hotel guests, which help the guests to get a clear overview of the city, like it was their hometown. We call it ‘local eyes’.