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FoodCycle LA - Responsive Design by Ok Omni

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FoodCycle LA - Website Layout by Ok Omni

What did FoodCycle LA need?

FoodCycle LA is a non-profit organization that provides meals to people in need. They needed not only to format their website but also create an easy way for users to sign up as volunteers make donations, and even find food.

Why is this project important?

FoodCycle LA does important work to help hungry people in need. FoodCycle is using technology to better connect hungry people with food. We work with 160 community based food distributions.

How Ok Omni Helped

Website Design | Website Development | WordPress | Divi | SEO | Performance | Site Security | Graphic Design | Custom WordPress Plugin | Google Maps API |  Google Tag Manager | Google Analytics | Google Search Console | more…

We helped FoodCycle LA in deploying a beautiful new website that was user friendly and actionable. Deploying the site with WordPress Divi they are now able to easily make changes to their site without any overhead for a developer.

The cool thing about the new FoodCycle LA website is that users can find food near them using a map. We designed and developed a customer Food Finder map that can be used on both your phone and desktop computer.

So if you’re feeling hungry but don’t know where your next meal is coming from, just open up this app’s mapping system which will show all nearby charitable food locations – along with information about hours of operation, website, and location.

The site has been designed to be user-friendly and actionable, meaning it’s easy for people like you or me (or anyone) to get involved in charitable work by donating money or time towards feeding those who need it most.


  • Using Divi for many years to create stunning websites.
  • Experts for just about anything WordPress
  • Knowledge about web design and development best practices
  • Knowledge of digital marketing best practices, search engine algorithms, and ranking strategies
  • Experience with SEO Analysis strategies and tools like Google Analytics
  • Understanding of web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Custom programming for application development to reach specific goals
  • High level knowledge of Google Tag Manager integration and event tracking
  • Integrating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Page Speed Insights

What did they have to say?

Thanks for your help getting the website up and running.

Michael was fantastic to work with – very professional and he did exactly what he promised. We were quite happy

Nancy Beyda

About FoodCycle LA

FoodCycle is dedicated to introducing innovative technology into the food recovery space.

They introduced the ChowMatch APP to increase our impact and better recover and route excess food.

FoodCycle collaborated with Food Oasis to create a database of organizations that are serving hungry people, so that we can move resources into the food deserts of LA where the need is greatest.

Did You Know?

FoodCycle partnered with Winnow Systems to introduce a pilot program for businesses to save money by reducing food waste, donating edible food and directing inedible food to compost.

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