Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

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How Ok Omni Helped

Website Design

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies came to us with a platform that was failing to achieve their goals appropriately. Their website was riddled with SEO issues and architecturally it was a project that needed to be built from the ground up.

We fixed the companies on site SEO issues, but we also addressed their ecommerce pain points. Building a website from the ground up we showed them that their website can work for them and provide a return. We automated a bunch of their processes allowing their employees to focus on other aspects of their business.

Working with Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies was amazing. It was a long road, but we were determined and very happy that we could build a website they are proud of.

Mission Statement:

Enjoy every single bite, share them with the people you love. Enjoy life, love hard, live your dreams and don’t ever let anyone tell you “you can’t”. We truly appreciate you and now you are part of our story, our lives and our family.

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