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Quality Woven Labels - Full Website Layout by Ok Omni

What did Quality Woven Labels need?

Quality Woven Labels needed general help with their e-commerce website and digital marketing campaigns.

Why is this project important?

Quality Labels Woven Labels needed to track how effective their online campaigns were in order to make decisions that would help them grow. They had no way of knowing the effectiveness of these when they first began working with us, but we implemented conversion tracking and now it’s easy for them to see if a campaign is worth continuing or not.

How Ok Omni Helped

Online Business Management

We worked with Quality Woven Labels and helped them with many different platforms and online channels ranging from web development and design, SEO, Google Adwords marketing, Shipping Management, eMail marketing, customer service, reputation management, and so much more. We can not reasonably list all the actions we performed for this company while working with them.

Website Design & Development
The main reason we worked with Quality Woven Labels was to work one on one to rebuild and redesign their website. We undertook every page and reformatted the entire website to meet their vision.

Secondary to design was technical and developmental support as needed to ensure the website was running and functioning on a day to day basis. We worked to ensure that all technical problems were addressed promptly.

A large portion of the development was spent on migrating their data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Our focus for the Magento 2 build was deploying the front end features with a primary focus around a custom-built product calculator.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO was a forward thought when reformatting their website. We took the time to deploy the best practices when developing new assets or restructuring existing assets.

Paid Marketing
We helped Quality Woven Labels restructure their Google Adwords account with multiple campaigns and conversion tracking. After fixing their Google Adwords accounts we were able to see a high ROI and an increasing CTR.

A lot of work went into their Google Adwords account. Ask us how we can help your business with Google Adwords.

Shipping Management
One of the more substantial projects we undertook for Quality Woven Labels was restructuring their shipping department. With proper planning, we were able to deploy and transition the shipping department seamlessly under a new platform.

Reducing expenses we were also able to reduce the overall cost of their shipping department and increase Quality Woven Label’s profit margins. The overall ROI for this project was unmeasurable but very substantial.

eMail Marketing
While restructuring their shipping department we took into consideration eMail marketing. Our goal was to deploy automated and semi-automated email marketing campaigns that worked with their new shipping platform.

Some eMail campaigns we developed for Quality Woven Labels were customer retainment, customer reacquisition, sales/events, and reputation management.

Reputation Management
Tasked with the need to build the companies reputation we deployed and restructure multiple marketing channels to meet a successful reputation target.

To be honest, this job was easy because Quality Woven Labels provides a great set of products and has one of the best sales & project management teams you will find.

They just needed a little help defining a funnel that would transition customers into leaving feedback on a more regular basis.

In Short…
We provided Quality Woven Labels with many different services and wore many different hats. We were fluid based on their needs to drive focus and attention to their business as needed. Our role was not defined and restricted to any project and we loved helping Quality Woven Labels achieve their online business goals.


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What did they have to say?

Thanks for your help today – with Justin out and the server down, I’m glad I was able to work on your server and have you get the site pushed.

About Quality Woven Labels

For over 40 years, Quality Woven Labels has striven to help clothing designers and textile artists establish identifiable brands with custom labels and tags for all their products. Join the family and let’s combine our experience with your inspiration!

Did You Know?

Quality Woven Labels provides the highest quality custom clothing labels at the lowest prices. Guaranteed.

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