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How We Helped

  • PWordPress Divi
  • PWix to WordPress Conversion
  • PWebsite Design
  • PWebsite Development
  • PSEO

What did Shomen Productions need?

They needed an easy-to-use interface that was capable of higher end SEO. They knew they needed to move away from Wix!

How Ok Omni Helped

Website Design | Website Development | Website Maintenance | WordPress | Divi | SEO | Performance | Site Security | Google Tag Manager | Google Analytics | Google Search Console | more…

Shomen Products came to us with a common problem we hear time and again. They were having difficulty managing the website SEO on Wix. They had been happy enough for a while just using Wix’s baseline capabilities because of its easy-to-use interface. This was fine until they needed more control over things like page titles or meta descriptions on each individual webpage…

We provided a simple and straightforward solution. Showing Shomen Productions the capabilities of WordPress in combination with the power of Divi they were able to both have an easy-to-use interface and manage their websites SEO in a way they could never do with Wix.



  • Using Divi for many years to create stunning websites.
  • Experts for just about anything WordPress
  • Knowledge about web design and development best practices
  • Knowledge of digital marketing best practices, search engine algorithms, and ranking strategies
  • Experience with SEO Analysis strategies and tools like Google Analytics
  • Understanding of web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Application modification to reach specific goals
  • Understanding of Google Cloud and API integration
  • High level knowledge of Google Tag Manager integration and event tracking
  • Integrating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Page Speed Insights

What did they have to say?

Thanks so much for all your hard work and for your patience …
Thank you also for taking me through how to use WordPress – it’s been incredibly helpful being able to simply jump in and to make the changes myself.

About Shomen Productions

After spending more than a combined 30 years working in traditional commercial houses and on big Hollywood projects, we saw first hand the essessive waste and endured outdated processes that ultimately bloated schedules and production budgets. We decided to go ‘lean’ and embrace the move remote-based production. James looks after the animation and VFX side of things, and Anton takes care of the live-action side. We now focus our efforts on helping companies diretly in the Tech and commercial sectors with their brand marketing. Our aim is to produce outstanding content within realistic budgets and achievable time frames by inviting our clients into the amazing world or animation. 

Did You Know?

The name ‘Shomen Productions’ comes from the Japanese sword strike, Shomenuchi, which means ‘Front head strike’. It was a sword technique designed to cleave an opponent in twain. From a production standpoint we don’t hack away at a project, we cut once and we’re done. We take the time to plan well which enables us to execute precisely and efficiently. With all of that in mind, we felt that Shomen productions was a more interesting name than Cut-Once Productions..

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