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How We Helped

  • PWordPress / Divi
  • PWebsite Design
  • PWebsite Development
  • PSEO
  • PMaintenance & Management
  • PCRM
  • PPaid Marketing
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What did Silver Fox Software need?

Ok Omni helped Bay State Refinishing convert their website from Wix into WordPress. We helped re-layout the site, SEO, CRM, Google Adwords, and Digital Marketing Consulting. They needed a team that could manage all their online marketing efforts and we were happy to provide.

How Ok Omni Helped

Website Design | Website Development | Shopify | WordPress | Divi | Facebook Business Manager | SEO | Performance | Site Security | Google Tag Manager | Google Analytics | Google Search Console | more…

Sil Fox Soft created a sales force application and needed a platform in which he could support promoting their software. Building the site in WordPress was one of many steps in their digital marketing efforts including SEO, CRM, Google Adwords, & Consulting. At the end of the day, we provided a comprehensive digital marketing plan that included landing pages and customer CRO insight.


  • Using Divi for many years to create stunning websites.
  • Experts for just about anything WordPress
  • Knowledge about web design and development best practices
  • Knowledge of digital marketing best practices, search engine algorithms, and ranking strategies
  • Experience with SEO Analysis strategies and tools like Google Analytics
  • Understanding of web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Application modification to reach specific goals
  • Understanding of Google Cloud and API integration
  • High level knowledge of Google Tag Manager integration and event tracking
  • Integrating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Page Speed Insights
  • Understanding of Google Adwords and paid marketing best practices.

What did they have to say?

Simple Design and Operation

About Silver Fox Software

Silver Fox Solutions was founded with the mission of bringing a new level of usability and efficiency to the™ platform.

The Express Console was built using Salesforce’s new Lightning Web Components (LWC) framework. With LWC, we’ve created an extension to the Lightning Experience that is familiar to any current user, and yet streamlines the process of selling from an Opportunity pipeline.

The Express Console™ for Salesforce will be available as a Managed Package in June 2020, and is targeted for listing on the Salesforce AppExchange in Q4’20.

Did You Know?

Lightning Web Components (LWC) is Salesforce’s new framework for User Experience development.

It utilizes web-standard HTML5 and Java to provide a Salesforce experience that is faster and more flexible than the Classic “Aura” framework.

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