The Bolder Company

Be Bolder Magazine Full Page Layout

How Ok Omni Helped

Graphic Design

We helped The Bolder Company create a full page ad for High Profile Magazine.

We took their existing magazine ad and re formatted the layout to be better for the magazine and the companies brand.

We also provide support for the Bolder Companies graphic design assignments from time to time.

Mission Statement:

The Bolder Company is the catalyst for the lasting behavioral change that empowers businesses to thrive. We connect individuals to themselves, to each other, and to the futures of their organizations. We combine fully experiential, improvisation-based learning with grounded, outcomes-focused content to produce lasting behavioral change.

Committed to helping people build trust, courage, and levity, the organizations we work with become collaborative, generative environments. Our most popular programs and workshops focus on empowering the confidence, clarity, ease, and power of emerging leaders and executives.

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