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The average deal is the sum of all transactions divided by the number of consumers who bought from you. Take your total revenue and divide it by the number of sales. If you make $10,000 in sales across 10 sales, your average deal is $1000 per sale.

Your average deal is what your average sale per customer is. Take all your sales and divide it by your sales. This will define your average deal. ie: If you make $10,000 in sales across 10 sales, your average deal is $1000 per sale.


Your close ratio indicates how many sales you made compared to the number of queries you issued to suitable prospects. To arrive at this figure, divide the total number of sales you achieved by the total number of quotations you distributed. If your close 30 sales for every 100 leads, your closing ratio is 30%. 


The profit margin is the proportion of income remaining after all costs are subtracted.


The percent of repeat customers is determined by dividing your total paying customers by your overall customers. New Customers and Repeat Customers are two kinds of consumers that every business has. Knowing your repeat customer rate can help you determine what proportion of consumers return to your store to buy again.


Customer lifetime value is a prediction of the overall future relationship’s net profit attributable to the whole length of that relationship. Typically take the average value of each customer annually, multiple it by the average length of the relationship, and then subtract the cost to service that customer over that period of time.


Word of mouth is the result of a marketing approach that encourages customers and the target audience to talk about a product or service while they are out in public. Word of mouth might occur as a consequence of a pleasant encounter, an innovative new product, or exceptional customer care.

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