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We will submit your business information to 80+ top level domains!

We can ensure your business information is accurate across top level domains such as Yahoo!, Bing, Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and many more top level domains.

Likely you already have a Google account for your business. Everyone knows Google is the key player when it comes to search results and driving traffic to your business. However why not take advantage of other platforms and sources of traffic?

Did you know that your other online listings contribute to nearly 50% of your Google positioning!

Most companies overlook other traffic sources or write them off as “not worth the effort”. Developing and managing your business over multiple networks can be overwhelming, time consuming, and sometimes return zero results.

Did you know though that search engines like Google review your other online listings and rank your business accordingly? Building and managing your business listings increase your businesses authority within an industry. What this means is, if your business is listed accurately, and uniformed across multiple channels, Google will recognize your business as a legitimate source and reward you accordingly.

This means better positioning for your business within an industries search results! 

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Why you need to manage business listings!

What is the point of a website if no one can find it in the first place? Your website tells the story of your brand and sometimes local businesses need more than a website. Having your business listed across multiple website directories allows larger sources of traffic to locate the services and products your business provides.


Keeping your business listings consistent and accurate across websites is the basis of local SEO. Putting your business information on your website is not enough. Google uses multiple directories to cross-check and validate the name, address, phone number (NAP), and other business information. Using high authority domains like Google, Yelp, and Yellow pages will help build your own business authority on the internet.

Why does my business need monthly management?

Consistency is key for SEO and monthly management will ensure your business listings are accurate. Changes to your name, address, phone number, photos, business hours, and other business info will all be covered!

Monthly management also allows us to track progress and develop metrics for reporting.

After 6-8 weeks your listings will provide enough metrics to start developing reports. Monthly management reports will contain some if not all of the following:

  • Searches
  • Profile Views
  • Facebook Page Views (if applicable)
  • Google Search Views
  • Google Map Views
  • Review Monitoring

What is local business management going to cost my business?

Developing 80+ listing is a time consuming process. Have you thought about what happens if you need to update your business hours or photos? Can you be bothered to keep track of 80+ passwords?

Keeping your business listings consistent and correct across the internet is the basis of local SEO. The costs for managing these listings is low.

We do this every day for local business like yours so you don’t have too. The beauty of hiring Tri Digital Solutions to manage your verified accounts is that we can do this for less than $2/mo per listing!

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