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SEO is critical for the growth of YOUR BUSINESS AND the internet.

More than likely your business has a digital foot print, and if you’re not using SEO best practices, really whats the point? SEO is critical for the growth of online businesses.

When talking about SEO and why it is important, nine(9) times out of ten(10) I get asked “What is SEO?”.

What the %#&$ is SEO?

SEO is short for “search engine optimization” and is the process of helping search engines like Google better understand what your website or other digital assets are. SEO also helps search engines better understand what it is they are organizing. SEO makes its easier for people to find what they are looking for. By optimizing your digital assets you can increase your visibility in organic search engine results.

Year in Business

What good is a website if no one can find it?

Let’s imagine you have a gallery of cat memes you want the world to see. Without proper SEO your file names might look like dog-picture.jpg. If file names, meta data all suggest they are dog memes. Google and other search engines will, in theory, display these as results for people searching for dog memes.

What makes SEO so complex?

Google has had nearly 3,300 SEO updates since 2000 until today in 2020. Thats nearly an update every other day!!! And while most of these updates are minor, Google roles out at least 4 major SEO bench marks each year. And in recent years many businesses have felt the direct impact both good and bad from the major SEO deployments.
Because there are so many variables in play, I am not sure any single person knows exactly how it works. The algorithims search engines use are much more complex and convoluted than just basic categorization.

Optimizing your website and digital assets

Thats where we come to play. Just like you, we love what we do. While it may seem mind numbing to review all these data points and even harder to map out a strategy to best fit each and every asset, we are happy to work on this
From a single piece of media to a 6 month brand awareness SEO campaign. Tri Digital Solutions can help develop and deploy a road map that makes sense for your brand.

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